10 Things To Do When in Australia

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There’s so much to see and do in Australia that no single trip could cover them all. Here are 10 great things to see and experience in Australia.

Go to the beach

If it’s one thing Australia is known for, it’s the beaches. The entire coast of the country is practically a beach. Some beaches are more well-known than others like Bondi Beach and Manly Beach in Sydney. Either way, if the weather is good, get down to the local beach and enjoy a swim or a surf.

Go bar hopping

Australians are well known for their partaking in beverages and as such, there are bars and pubs everywhere. If you fancy a night on the town, do some research and organize a bar hop to all the hippest and popular bars, clubs and pubs of the city you’re in.

Take a walk around town

Wherever you are in Australia, a good long walk is sometimes all that’s needed for an enjoyable time out. Each city in Australia has its own quirks and characteristics and there are different things to see in each town. So, get your walking shoes on and explore!

Go to the horse races

Horse racing is one of the most popular spectator sports in Australia and there are plenty of events to attend throughout the year. If you fancy a flutter and you’ve got your Melbourne Cup 2021 tips at the ready, the Melbourne Cup Carnival would be perfect for you.

Go to a festival

Festivals take place throughout the year, all around Australia and there are so many to choose from. There are music festivals, art festivals, food festivals and sports festivals, to name just a few. Whatever your predilection is, there will be a festival for you.

Attend a sports match

Sports are a huge deal in Australia. There’s cricket season in the summer and Australian Rules Football in the winter. There’s rugby, tennis, soccer, hockey, netball, basketball and many, many more. The games are exciting and fun to attend and it’s worth going to at least one during your visit.

Visit a winery

Australia makes some of the best wines in the world and there are plenty of regions around southern Australia where they come from. It is an enjoyable and relaxing day at a winery, and most places hold tours and tastings. Country music festivals and other exciting events are often held at wineries too.

Go on a road trip

Planning a road trip is great fun. Get your camping gear, water, food and get on the open road and explore. Plan your trip to know where to stop off and relax to see the sights and enjoy the sunburnt country.

Visit a national park

There are many beautiful national parks to see around Australia with many things to do there. Most places have camping sites and all have walking trails. The Grampians is one of the most famous National Parks in Australia and is definitely worth a visit

Go to a theme park

Queensland is known for its theme parks. There’s Wet’n’Wild, Dreamworld, Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Aussie World to name just a few. These places are fun for the whole family and are located relatively close to each other on the Gold Coast.

Whether you do just one or check all of these off your list, there is plenty to experience on your next visit to Australia.